Order a Sample

Want to view our florals before your big day?

Why not order a sample pack and experience the convenience of viewing our collections by getting them sent to your door.

  1. Select any TWO bridesmaids’ bouquets or centrepieces from our range to create your sample pack effortlessly.
  2. Once you’ve viewed just pop them back in the box within four working days and send back with the label we supply in the box.

Ordering a sample gives you 2 days to truly get a feel for our collections — see the quality, colours, and designs up close, ensuring they’re the perfect match for your dream wedding. It’s your chance to make a confident, informed choice before bringing our flowers into your special day.

Ordering a sample will also give you a £25 discount when you go to order your range from us for your big day. 

Please note our samples have to be 2 items. A refundable security deposit is required but this is refunded when the flowers are returned. Full payment is required before a sample pack can be sent.

Please note that as we are currently in wedding season, we have a 2-week turnaround on samples. If your wedding is this summer, please reach out to see if we can get your sample to you more quickly.

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